Improve customer service everywhere through raising the social standing of Customer Support Centers and Support Professionals in all industries.


The quality differences of manufacturing are becoming small these days. The quality of service is more important than before in these competitive markets. If the management understands the service level of their customer centers compared to their competitors’ and their position in the industries, HDI Benchmarking will help both the management and customer centers with continuous improvement opportunities.


We are using Web Support Portal criteria which is from HDI Support Portal Best Practice and Phone support quality and performance criteria which are from HDI Customer Service Representative (CSR) Certification standards. Many volunteer base consumers are organizing and evaluating these centers through Web self-services and phone calls with HDI criteria. Finally we grade all evaluated centers to four rankings, 3 Star, 2 Star, 1 Star and No Star, such as the 'Michelin Red Guide' in the customer service industry.

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